Bell Pepper Poker Award in Korea

A large number of poker players in Korea are looking towards the 피망포커머니상, that will be held on April 24. The awards will celebrate the best poker players in the united states, and this year’s winners include Kim Eun-hee, who recently won the prestigious World Series of Poker Main Event. The Bell Pepper Poker Awards are made to players who exhibit exceptional skill, desire for the overall game and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Despite being only a couple of episodes into her new show, Korean actress Kim Eun-hee has already been winning the Bell Pepper Poker Award in Korea. In the show, Eun-jung-soo is just a bright handbag designer who works up in the true luxury handbag industry on her own talent alone. While she lacks connections and education, she works up in the market on her own, getting jobs through talent alone.

The show also features Ji Soo (played by Kim Dong-hee), a senior high school student who becomes a criminal after an unthinkable act. She’s targeted by F4 (played by Gu Jun Pyo, Nam Yoon Soo and Yoon Ji Hu) when she’s looking for her father. The show also features Chae Ro Woon (played by Park Hyun-jin), a recently available hire at the same company who has a strong grudge against her boss. Chae Ro Woon really wants to expose her boss for who he really is.

The show also features several other cast members. Jung Da Bin will play students named Min Hee, while Chae Ro Woon’s ex-boyfriend Kang Dan Yi (played by Nam Yoon-soo) is also featured as a character. Other cast members include Kang Woo Il (played by Yoon Ji Hu) and his co-boss at the company.

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